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We wish to show our new Mobile Legends hack. This application is very interesting and useful for players who are interested in making Mobile Legends game easier, faster and more entertaining. Our Mobile Legends iOS/Android cheats are 100% safe and convenient for their users. They do not have any viruses and any other applications that have negative effects on mobile devices. Another advantage of this Mobile Legends hack tool is the fact that manufacturer of the game is not able to detect it, so players do not have to worry about bans and other problems with their game accounts.

This practical Mobile Legends Android hack tool is not difficult in use, so even beginners will know how to use its options. Developers of this practical Mobile Legends cheat constantly check and update it online, so it works with current game updates and is well protected against detection. This software allows to hack Mobile Legends online without any malfunctions and problems. These Mobile Legends tips also work very well with Android devices. No one has been banned for using this program and all users are happy about its simplicity and functionality.

Our Mobile Legends diamond hack improves the game and makes it more entertaining and easier, because it provides additional diamonds for players. This application is also called Mobile Legends hack diamond because it allows for getting unlimited amount of diamonds. Each player is able to choose the number of diamonds that allow for buying characters, skins and many important improvements. It means that our professional hack is suitable for players who do not want to wait long time or wasting money for different improvements.

Of course each player can stop using this hack tool whenever he or she wants. This application is very simple in use, so it do not cause any problems for anyone. The game is much easier. This hack for diamonds is suitable for both beginners and players with some experience.


  • Unlimited Battle Points
  • Unlimited Diamonds

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Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a very interesting game suitable for mobile platforms. It is available for users of iOS and Android systems on tablets, smartphones and other modern mobile devices. The main developer of this game is Moonton. This company was also responsible for official release of this game, which took place in July 11, 2016 in China, Indonesia and Malaysia (Android). Worldwide iOS premiere took place in November 9, 2016. This is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), also called Action Real Time Strategy (ARTS). The main task of a player is controlling a character in a team who fights with another team of players of with computer opponents. Each character features different abilities that can be improved. In other words, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is an interesting strategy game that requires good thinking and strategy from its players.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a MOBA gamesuitable for many players who use mobile phones. Two teams have to fight to destroy the base of their enemies. They also need to remember about defending their own base. Attack and defense tasks can be performed on three lanes called TOP, MIDDLE and BOTTOM. These lanes connect two bases. Each team consists of five players who control their heroes from their own mobile phones. There are also computer-controlled characters called minions. They spawn at team bases and go through three lanes to the base of an enemy. These minions fight turrets and enemies.

In many aspects Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is similar to League of Legends – a very popular computer game with many similar heroes and rules. Riot Games – the company responsible for developing and publishing League of Legends filed a lawsuit (11 July 2017) against Moonton (the main developer of Mobile Legends). There were problems with some trademarks, for example the game map looks like a “Summoner’s Rift” map that is popular in League of Legends. There were also other games that infringed these rights. The game still exists and is very famous among many users of mobile phones and other mobile devices with iOS or Android systems.

Many players love entertaining fights with opponents and they create their own teams. This game allows for having great fun with friends. Players are able to use their different strategies and abilities. They are also able to upgrade their heroes. This game also offers some skins, so heroes and their weapons look very interesting and original. Each player is able to choose from a very wide range of heroes. There are many groups of heroes available in the game. Players are able to choose fighters, assassins, tanks, mages, marksmen and support heroes. Each group features its own abilities. Good combination of different heroes’ abilities is the key factor for the team to win a fight. A player has to be a good thinker, who is skilled and knows many strategies. Good co-operation between heroes is very important, so playing with friends (no random players) can be a very good idea.

Mobile Legends Trailer: