Another great mobile game for iOS and Android platforms, which will make you forget about your everyday problems and daily routine in a jiff. Designed by one of the best MOBA game developers, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is going to take you into the land of ultimate fighting, where you can rush straight into vicious battles along with your loyal team members. So, if you are not familiarized with this intense game, already, you should definitely check the Mobile Legends trailer or Mobile Legends gameplay. And you can be sure, you will want to quickly become one of the mighty heroes of this colorful, fantasy world.

Mobile Legends can be a very entertaining and time-absorbing game, once you finally understand how the whole gameplay works. In the beginning, it may not be so great, because there is a lot of ground to cover before you will be rushing through the game like an uninhibited force. There are many types of characters you can choose from while playing the game. And that is why we decided to give you a quick peek on the mightiest of the warriors, so you could pick for yourself the Mobile Legends best hero.

The best heroes for the beginners

In order to choose your favorite character, you need to check the game’s roster, where you can find all the heroes, who will be available for you at the beginning of the adventure. Some of them are free, while others, in turn, have a higher potential in fighting and using special skills. However, if you want to obtain them, you will have to purchase them by using currency such as Battle Points and Gems. You can earn your money by defeating various opponents, sub-bosses, and destroying enemies’ bases. Or you can use a Mobile Legends cheats and have a ton of gold in a second.

One of the best heroes is an assassin called Fanny, who is as gorgeous as she is deadly with her skills. In the beginning, she may be a little bit hard to handle, but her offense skills are more than enough to compensate for this small flaw. Her basic skill is a Prey Maker, which combined with her third special skill, increases the damage of her opponent by 20%. Fanny can deal a lot of heavy damage, but she does not take well the hits. So, be sure to regularly upgrade her defense skill.

The other one is Layla – a Marksman with an enticing smile. But do not let the smile fool you. Her range of attack is quite long, and she can easily take down turrets and monsters from afar. Layla’s damage threshold is quite high, and she also uses a Destruction Rush, which can have tragic consequences on her opponents. Layla can also snipe off her exhausted enemies, making them pay, using her cruel finisher.

The last but not least is a Fighter named Alucard, who loves to fight at a close range, decimating his enemies during long drawn out battles. His special skill – Fission Wave – works perfectly with his life steal ability, increasing the overall effect for a short period of time. What’s best, Alucard’s life steal ability gives him a chance to rebuild his life energy by stealing it from his opponents. Do we mention he is also a great “jungler”?   

In the end, each of those Mobile Legends: Bang Bang warriors can be a great hero to play with. So, be smart while upgrading your character, and be sure you are a member of a diversified team. This way the overall attack and defense skills of the whole group will be at the highest level.