The world of games for iOS and Android platforms is getting larger every single day. There are many amazing productions that can put your life on hold for long hours, days and months. Amongst them finds its place the Mobile Legends game, which is not only very nice to look at but also extremely addictive. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang can bring players many sleepless nights and much satisfaction of beating their opponents to a pulp. And even that the gameplay is very immersive and beautifully combined with detailed heroes and smoothly-running mechanics, it can also be quite overwhelming for the beginners. That’s why we decided to make a basic tutorial on how to start your journey to become the Mobile Legends best hero. Created by MOBA and published by Moontoon, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is available on both Android and iOS platforms. First and foremost, you should know how to read the map. Only then you will be able to come up with a strategy to destroy your opponent, making your hero tougher, stronger, and unstoppable. The map itself consists of lanes and jungle. Those are the two things you have to get acquainted with before you take a dive into the world of never-ending violence.

The map and other basic features

One of the goals of the Mobile Legends gameplay is to destroy enemies’ camps, which are often well-guarded by all kinds of dangers. Each camp has a lane that leads to it. And each lane is divided into three different paths, along with the name of the location you want to attack. You can find it on the map, and then follow the path straight to the enemy’s camp. Be sure to have a good plan before you decide to strike.
The second part of the map is a jungle. It is situated between the lanes, and it can be a great tactical point for your attacks. While scrambling through the jungle, you can earn gold and bonuses such as mega damage and double experience – all by killing monsters that are hiding in its depths. It’s also a fast way to switch between the lanes. And if you don’t want to waste your time on digging up gold, you can always use Mobile Legends hack tool.
There are also sub-bosses. They are extremely powerful individuals, who are going to put your skills to the test by challenging you to a fight. They appear only when your hero is on a high level of experience. And if you don’t have a proper strategy against them, we advise you to take your whole team to defeat them. Otherwise, your game may end in a blink of an eye. However, if you are able to destroy them, your reward will be very substantial.
Remember to play along with your teammates to increase your chances of survival. And make sure your team is diversified – with different fighting skills, types of magic, weapons, talents etc. Before you start, you should check out the Mobile Legends trailer that will give you a glance at what to expect from the game.