Mobile Legends: Bang Bang from MOBA has been so successful on both iOS and Android platforms, the developers decided to design a version for PCs, as well. And it turns out that the game runs even better on PCs than on mobile devices. Why do you ask? It’s simple – Android and iOS mobile devices are no match to PCs when it comes to their expandable power. So, if you want to put away your smartphone and experience a less laggy Mobile Legends gameplay, all you need to do is to install Bluestacks 3 on your PC. An easy configuration will guide you through every step, finalizing the whole process by adding your Google account. Remember to familiarize with tutorials on how to configure, understand and play the game. And don’t forget to watch the Mobile Legends trailer.

A general look at the game

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang also provides the Game Mods that all will be unlocked after you reach level 8. While playing, you can configure your controls and mouse, which are fully customizable, to make your gameplay as comfortable as you want. The minute you start the game, you will quickly realize that the responsiveness of your game is faster and it runs very smoothly.  

The choice of your hero, as well as the rooster itself, is not that different from the iOS and Android version. You will still need currency to play with more complex characters, and use the Prep button to set up the gear, spells, emblems, and quick chats.

Gear option gives you a chance to pick a full set of item builds for every single character. And you can switch between the builds before each fight you are about to encounter. It is wise to get acquainted with the tutorial for this one, considering that item builds have very much to say about your hero’s strengths and weaknesses. This way you will have a better chance to play using the Mobile Legends best hero.

Spells option are always one of the most amazing attractions in every game. In Mobile Legends you will be unlocking them by taking your hero to another level. And just like in the case of the Gear option, you can choose different types of spells before the upcoming battle. Simply, go to the Prep section and set the Battle Spell of your liking.

Emblems option are powerful boosters for your character. The game is going to do that for you, and pick the right emblem for the type of hero you are playing with. However, if you want to change it, that’s fine, too. Simply, make those adjustments before your next fight.  

There’s also the Squad button on the bottom right side, which is for the players who play in teams. Each team that takes a part in a fight can have up to 5 members. Be sure, they differ from one another, in order to have the best destructible force to crush enemies with. And also it’s a good idea to set up the whole team schedule by yourself, and not leaving it in the hands of the game.

To summarize: the PC version of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is not that different from the one on mobile devices. All you can gain is a more fluent gameplay, a larger screen with better visuals, easy customization, and more fun. And try not to miss important tutorials that cover every single thing this game has to offer.